Merry Christmas-Happy New Year Newsletter! Article Marketing Secrets

By VisionSphere | Dec 13, 2008

Good Evening , Fellow Champion Business Builder
Merry Christmas-Happy New Year Newsletter! Article Marketing Secrets
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From: Jim Legington, Publisher-Editor
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December 12, 2008 – Summary

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2. Surely God is good to Israel, To those who are pure in heart!
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Ephesians 2:8-22, John 17:17-23

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How to Write a Good Article That Always Gets Published

How to Write a Good Article That Always Gets Published
Judy Cullins

If you have submitted an article, say to EzineArticles, and it was
rejected, don’t throw the article away yet. Improve your writing skills online! Here’s 10 tips on how to write a feature article so it will
always get published.

1. Check the rules of each article directory or blog. Maybe you missed
a simple thing that you can now easily correct. And, be sure to email
the editors or person who finds a problem with your article and
make it right for them.

2. Know what kind of article gets published the most. The favorite
is the “how to” or “tips” article. To make this one even better,
use numbered points for your middle section of your article.
The publishers want you to share your unique information to
entertain and inform. They don’t want an ad for your business.
They don’t want thin soup either. Give what you have
and don’t worry about giving too much.

3. Know the favorite length of an article to submit. Most directories
and blogs want around 600-700 words. Not easy for the pundits who
know a lot. But KISS -Keep it Simple Sweetheart-is a good rule
of thumb. Don’t just write short articles to get back links; always
think quality that sets you apart from the average.

4. Include a short introduction and conclusion for each article to
finish it correctly. Today, we see blog entries without those, but
add them if you use blog pieces to submit to article directories..

5. Make your title sizzle and long tail key word rich. Without a good
title, no one will even read your article. And, if you want more incoming links to your site, make sure you have one low competition key word phrase in the title. But, don’t sacrifice the key words to optimize
your article for the great title.

6. Avoid the 20 articles for $5 each approach, even if you don’t
want to write them yourself. These articles are too general and
won’t have specific examples that show you as
original and the expert.

7. Avoid duplicate content several ways. Stop submitting the same
article to multiple sites. Instead, choose only then a few of the highest traffic sites to submit to. Make sure to enter your original article and
your revised version into program. You’ll want a 50% or
more unique content for any article after the first one. Remember,
Google penalizes you for duplicate content, so why spin
your wheels and waste time.?

8. Create a mind map or article outline. For the middle, write your numbered tips down. Then, expand with examples for the best length–around 700 words.. Write the meat of the article (the body) first. Then, write the intro and conclusion last. Make them just a few sentences.

9. Stay on topic with each article to make your article clear and easy
to read. Like me, you may know a lot about your subject and add information to be helpful. But, if it’s off topic, it will just muddy the waters and make you article hard to read. Just get your points across. When your points support and relate to your title, you have
improved your article writing style immensely.

10. Avoid spinner programs. Change your article parts yourself.

Use new phrases and words in your second version. Shorten the second version by half, then you are sure to get 50% unique. Or, lengthen a tip article from a few to ten items to get a 50% unique version.

11. Bonus tip. Research your article resource box. You’ll want to include
a link to a free report, eBook or ezine to up level your numbers of unique visitors. Add one link at the bottom just for the search engines to optimize a particular web page ( product or service)
you want to feature.

Now, you are on your way to get your articles working for you-bringing
you incoming links, targeted traffic to your site and making you
a well known as the go to person in your field.

Web coach and “Article Lady” Judy Cullins helps small business
and their websites get well known, building client base, and increasing
sales conversions Get her free report “Five Article Marketing Mistakes
and How to Solve Them” at Click Here-Get Free Report!

Judy now enjoys networking on Linkedin, Facebook, & Twitter.

Article Source:

Celebrating From December 3, 2008 our First Domain
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4. @VisionSphere How To Make A Positive Difference Online -
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5. 17 Ways You Can Use Twitter: A Guide for Beginners,
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